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You felt pretty good about your English, able to understand everything in the language classes, reading books and online blogs are easy enough, you even manage to watch TV and films without the subtitles although sometimes you have to guess what they're saying, but hey, you understand most of it!
Then comes the moment you dread...Saying actual words out loud.  To people who have ears and can hear you. Even worse. They speak back and you have to answer!  Suddenly EVERY SINGLE WORD you ever knew has gone.  Vanished.  Disappeared.  'Yes' and 'No' are all you can manage.
Why oh why did I think learning English was a good idea?  Why did I think it was a good idea to come and LIVE in an English speaking country?  HELP!
Hi, I'm Louise from Louise's Lexiconology and I totally understand the fear of speaking in a foreign language with native speakers.  It's terrifying, isn't it?  You feel like you've never actually spoken before in your life.  You frantically search your brain for any words you might know that will help.
I'm like that with Spanish.  I spent almost 10 years of my life between school and university learning it, I was good at it.  But there's just something about speaking that is awkward and unnatural.
Because, the way we are taught a foreign language isn't the way native speakers learn it.  In classes or coursebooks or online courses we get taught quite formal language, audio or video lessons have speakers who speak slowly and we can understand them.  We learn the basic ways to say things and then discover that no one ever speaks like that in real life!
Now you are here in Edinburgh, my home city.  It's beautiful, right?  And people say the strangest things to you, don't they?
Want to know what they are talking about and how you can respond to them?
Check the details below for two English classes I am delivering to help you get settled into Edinburgh and feel comfortable speaking with the people you meet around the city.
I can't wait to meet you and help you really settle into Edinburgh life and feel relaxed and comfortable to talk with every one you meet along the way.
See you soon
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