third day

Two Turtle Doves

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – Two Turtle Doves Twelve days of Christmas countdown – Day Two Plants and Animals Our countdown today looks at the plants and animals that form key parts of this festive time of year. Inside our homes, we adorn fireplaces, windows, doors and Read More

third day

A partridge in a pear tree

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me – a partridge in a pear tree Twelve Days Of Christmas Countdown – Day One A look at traditional Christmas food in the UK and around the world There are only 12 days until Christmas! I can’t quite believe it, 2017 has flown Read More

beyond my grasp (1)

Sometimes the word is hovering just beyond my grasp

In the deepest darkest recess of your brain lurks that missing word … I was in the car today, heading to the supermarket, radio on singing away to a tune from the 80s.  As the song finished  the  presenter started chatting and he was talking about forgetting what he’s saying when he’s halfway through a Read More

moxie definition (1)

Give your English a shot of Moxie

MOXIE   It means courage, vigour, verve, pep, skill and know-how. Oomph, energy, firepower, passion, hunger, desire, drive, get up and go, enthusiasm, pack a punch, grit, determination, zip, zeal, zest and zing. MOJO. It shows your true colours when you are doing something you are comfortable with. Your personality shines through, in your words, Read More

third day

C is for…

Cathedral There are two cathedrals in Edinburgh – St Mary’s and St Giles’.  I’m only going to be talking about one of them today, though. St Giles’ Cathedral Slap bang in the heart of the old town of Edinburgh, half way between the Castle and the Palace of Holyrood House lies St Giles’ Cathedral. As Read More


B is for …

Bridge There are at least 16 bridges in Edinburgh!  I didn’t know this until I decided bridge was going to be my ‘B’ in the challenge! Six of the bridges are actually aqueducts and carry the Union Canal through parts of Edinburgh. One of them even carries the Canal over the City Bypass (the main Read More


A is for…

  Elementary, my dear Watson Sherlock Holmes never said that.  Not in a novel at least!  He did say ” elementary” a few times, but never in they way we think he did! But I’m not here to talk about Sherlock Holmes, not directly anyway!  I’m here to talk about his creator, an Edinburgh native Read More


On the tenth day of Christmas

Louise sent to me, a post about The Pantomime.   Oh no, she didn’t! Oh yes, I did! A Very British Tradition Ah, the theatre.  The lights. The stage.  Those big red velvet curtains. The flippy up seats. The girl that sells little pots of ice cream with a teeny tiny plastic ‘spoon’.  The glitz. Read More


On the ninth day of Christmas

Louise sent to me, a post about The Christmas Party! Oh yes, now the fun really gets going!  It’s party day!  I remember all the office parties I went to, great fun with colleagues, singing and dancing into the wee small hours! Christmas Party Planning Christmas takes a lot of planning, and chances are your Read More


Wassail! Wassail! All over the town

On the eighth day of Christmas, Louise sent to me, a post about traditional Christmas drinks. (maids a-milking) Wassail and Wassailing You’re making words up again, aren’t you Louise?  Indeed I am not!  I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing!  But they are not modern English words.  In fact, they come from the Anglo-Saxon Wæs Read More