Do you need to speak and/or write in English?
Do you struggle with speaking in front of native speakers?
Do you find it difficult to write an email or letter for work?
Would you like to be confident in your abilities and be able to communicate with friends and colleagues?

These are the skills I specialize in in English.

I've been teaching full time since 2013. Working full time allows me to make sure my students get the results they want.

"It's a very good experience because Louise is an enthusiastic teacher. She knows how to get her students to keep talking in English in the session - I talked a lot today." Sophie, Taiwan

In our sessions we will focus on the language YOU need, whether this is for your work, to pass an exam, talk with international friends or any other reason you have. There will be an emphasis on speaking and/or writing and our main goal will be to build your confidence in using English in any situation.

I hold certificates in TEFL, TESOL and CELTA and I've taught hundreds of learners worldwide. I can't wait to meet you and help you reach your goals with English, as I did with:

"I liked this lesson because I've spoken and I've worked on grammar." Merche, Spain


"I haven’t always been an English teacher.
I worked for a large financial company in Edinburgh for 15 years.  I wore many hats in my time there (I love hats) – Customer Service Representative, Business Trainer, Team Manager, Business Change Consultant and Project Manager.  Before that I spent six months working in Edinburgh’s most famous department store – Jenners – in their toy department – over the Christmas period.  Some would run a mile at the thought of a toy department during the Christmas chaos, but not me, I loved it!"

Things I LOVE

  • Spanish has been a love of mine since high school and I try to keep up to date by attending a Spanish class when I have the time.
  • French has always held a fascination for me, it just sounds so....French and classy and sexy and mysterious and more than a little je ne c'est quoi!
  • German was the first foreign language I learned in high school, I like German.  It's very straight to the point, matter of fact, but can be soft too.  My favourite phrase I still remember in German from a short story we were reading is meine kleine schmetterling - my little butterfly - I love how that sounds!

Like a lot of people when it comes to my foreign language abilities; reading, writing and listening I can more or less get by, but SPEAKING...to PEOPLE...who have EARS - no, nope, not going to happen - they might hear me.  If you feel like this too don't worry, we will overcome this together!

  • My own language, it’s so vast and fascinating. I learn new things about it every day, so can you!


  • Red. Love it. Red and sparkly. Love it even more. Red sparkly shoes. Died and gone to heaven.

This is just a little bit about me, as we spend time working on improving our language skills we will get to know each other a little better.

Why not start by telling me something about yourself in the comment box.  I read every comment and I try to reply to every single one.

Hope to see you in a masterclass, tutorial, The Lexiconology eCafe or even a private lesson soon.

Until then, keep taking steps every day to achieve your language goals.  It doesn't matter how small as long as you keep moving forward.

Small STEPS, lead to BIG changes.